PEC: Email like registered mail, actually better!

PEC is a computer document transport system that allows for certain acknowledgement that the message has been delivered to the recipient.
This service has all the requirements of registered mail with return receipt, to which are added significant advantages in terms of both time and cost.
The offer is addressed to:
Businesses and Professionals who wish to streamline formal communications with banks, suppliers, partners and clients, using the service in place of traditional paper mail;
Entities that wish to send official communications to the public administration or to citizens or other stakeholders, saving resources, time and money;
Individuals who wish to speed up contacts with Companies, Professionals and Public Administrations, avoiding queues at the counter and reducing paper waste.
Domain and subdomain customization checked
Unlimited submissions checked
Webmail checked
Access via client checked
Email notification checked
Text message notification checked
Historical Archives checked
Mailbox size As of 1Gb
Attachments to the message 50 Mb size per single message sent to a recipient

By subscribing to the offer, it is possible to replace registered letters and faxes for making: sending invoices, contracts, orders, etc;
Transmissions of documents to public administrations;
Calling of Assemblies, Councils, Councils;
Forwarding of circulars and directives;
Tender management;
management of official communications within articulated “network” organizations such as franchises, agents, etc;
Integration of certified transmissions into products such as ERP, payroll, protocol, document managers, workflow.

Downloading the PEC Operations Manual