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Administrator log management

System administrators(AdS) are essential figures for the security of IT systems and the proper management of telematic networks.

These are profiles that are called upon to perform delicate functions involving theconcrete ability to access all dataflowing through the company’s computer network, and they are often also tasked withoverseeing the proper use of the company’s computer systems.

The Privacy Guarantor’s rule on System Administrators.(Measure “System Administrators” of Nov. 27, 2008 O.J. No. 300 of Dec. 24, 2008) and now also the new European legislationGDPRinvites companies to monitor andRecord accesses (logs) made by system administratorsTo electronic business processing systems and archives.

Accesses must be acquired and kept searchable for at least 6 months, with characteristics of completeness, integrity and inalterability.

Our log management offering

WEB FACTORY has defined a log management solution.
capable of helping your company fulfill
The main changes introduced by the Privacy Guarantor
With reference to the figures of administrators
Of computer systems.