Danea Easyfatt invoicing software, management program and for electronic invoicing in Gallarate and Varese

Electronic invoicing, inventory management and quotations.

Danea Easyfatt is the software for invoicing, electronic billing, budgeting, inventory management, sales, purchasing and payments.

Simple, intuitive and versatile.

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All versions of Easyfatt allow you to:

Issuing and receiving electronic invoices.
Manage all fulfillments in an automated way.

For electronic invoicing, you don’t have to purchase any additional modules, it’s all included!

Do you need to prepare estimates, electronic invoicing, print invoices or bills, issue Bills of Lading, send orders to suppliers, or check inventory? Easyfatt is the billing software for you! It is used by thousands of businesses and professionals throughout Italy: from baker to furniture maker, surveyor to mechanic, merchant to notary, florist to online store.

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Creating invoices, pro-forma invoices or electronic billing, along with many other accounting tasks are often the most tedious and complicated part of a craftsman’s or professional’s job. Good invoicing software should help you with your work by simplifying complex operations (managing inventory, dynamic price lists, electronic invoicing, etc…) and automating tedious and repetitive ones (printing custom invoices, sending payment reminders, etc…).

The most widely used invoicing and e-invoicing program for Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.
Ideal for companies, artisans, shopkeepers, professionals and anyone who needs to issue invoices and manage a warehouse.

For this Easyfatt is a practical and streamlined electronic invoicing program with which it is child’s play to fill out the first invoice, check inventory or verify the status of payments, and keep the first cash note (the ledger used in accounting to record all the financial movements of a business) up to date.

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Easyfatt is constantly updated with new features to keep it up to date with ongoing regulatory changes.

Sales management: the best tool at all stages of sales

Price lists, agent and commission management, quotes, e-commerce Easyfatt takes care of all the steps and every operation is aimed at saving time.

Producing a quote with Easyfatt is quick and easy. You can retrieve master records already entered or duplicate previously made estimates. A well-done quote can be turned into an order or electronic invoice with the click of a button.

Easyfatt is management software useful for the professional as well as the more structured company that needs to manage agents (with commissions) and a product catalog with many price lists. Easyfatt allows multiple price lists to be defined, even with automatic recalculation functions based on other price lists. Everything is quick, effective and intuitive!

And if you run an online store, Easyfatt is also an e-commerce manager: you can directly process purchase orders and update the catalog on the web while better managing online sales activities.

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Invoicing management software: one-click invoices and management of outstanding invoices and reminders

With Easyfatt you create and send invoices to your customers with just a few clicks. You can customize their appearance using the predefined templates or through the template editor that allows you to Draw the invoice as you see fit! You’ll probably start with a predefined invoice template and add your company logo, but then you’ll learn through the software’s online help and our videos, how to make an invoice tailored just for you.

Using a management program such as Easyfatt allows you to constantly keep track of invoice payments from customers. The program will alert you when there are outstanding debts and also allows you to send payment reminders with automated procedures to save you time in this activity as well.

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Warehouse management software: inventory under control

Management of warehouse loading and unloading activities, size and color management, inventory, shipping documents, bar code reading. The warehouse is automatically updated as purchase and sales documents are entered, and barcode readers can also be used to facilitate the activity.

With Easyfatt, you can print barcode labels to be affixed to product boxes; so when goods arrive and depart, one “swipe” on the barcode and warehouse movement is tracked! And when you need to inventory your warehouse, it only takes 2 clicks: warehouse icon > inventory!

Data analysis: simplicity and readability for wiser and more profitable choices

Are you a craftsman, professional, or do you have a technical office, business, or store? In any case, it is critical for you to have reports available at all times that provide a simple, readable summary ofbusiness performance.

For analysis management, Easyfatt provides graphs and tables on purchases and sales: with one click you can find out who your main customers are or in which provinces you sell the most, or, again, which products are the most in demand in a given period. The possibilities are many. Try it to believe.

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