Our experience in information technology solutions extends to a wide range of projects that have a significant impact on people’s lives. We are proud to share some of our most important achievements:


European Certification Verification – Database in Brussels:

We operate a database in Brussels that allows users throughout Europe to check whether an appliance is truly certified to European standards. This system was developed to ensure maximum transparency and safety for consumers. With this database, users can access reliable and verified information about the products they wish to purchase, enabling them to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with European regulations.

Restoration of Italian monuments with the SharePoint intranet:

We developed a SharePoint intranet-based system for the restoration of some of Italy’s most important monuments. This platform allows all involved to share information, images and updates on the progress of restoration work. Through this intranet, work teams can collaborate effectively, sharing their knowledge and experience to ensure successful restoration projects. This system has helped preserve Italy’s cultural heritage by ensuring efficient management and effective communication among restoration managers.

Projects website:

We created the site, a portal for everyone to make informed choices about the best way to light their environments. The site offers in-depth information on the different types of lamps available, their characteristics, and environmental impact. Through this platform, users can compare options, evaluate energy efficiency, and choose the solution that best suits their needs. is committed to promoting sustainable lighting and guiding people toward more conscious and environmentally friendly choices.

Cloud support system for a non-profit organization:

We built a customized cloud system for a non-profit organization that made the work of their 200 staff more efficient and flexible in providing assistance to people in need. This system has simplified information management, allowing operators to access important data and collaborate in real time, wherever they are. With this solution, the organization is able to provide higher quality service, reaching more people and improving the efficiency of their service operations.

Hyperconvergent cluster with Microsoft HCI technology:

We have developed a powerful hyperconverged cluster with HCI technology that enables thousands of concurrent users to take advantage of essential citizen services. This state-of-the-art solution combines storage, compute and network resources into a single, highly scalable and reliable platform. With this cluster, we are able to ensure maximum availability and optimal performance for critical services that meet the needs of citizens. The high reliability and scalability of this cluster enables it to handle intense workloads and ensure fast and efficient response to user requests.

We are proud of these achievements and remain committed to providing innovative IT solutions that improve people’s lives and promote efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.

We are ready to take on new challenges and work together with you to create customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

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