Design and Provision of Information Systems

In short, at WEB FACTORY we offer IT consulting, supply and support services for companies, third sector organizations and the Public Administration.

Design and Provision of Information Systems

– We design and implement both on premise and cloud-based IT infrastructures from Microsoft, such as Windows Server, SQL Server, and Microsoft 365.

– We provide customized consulting to optimize and simplify the organization’s IT infrastructure, tailoring it to its specific needs and goals.

– We provide servers and workstations, ensuring that IT resources are adequate and up to organizational needs.

Design and Provision of Information Systems

– We provide firewalls and other networking devices to secure enterprise networks.

– We build local area networks (LANs) and wireless networks, providing reliable and high-performance connectivity for business operations.

– We create wide area networks (WANs) and VPNs to enable secure and reliable connection between distant locations.

Design and Provision of Information Systems

– We offer advice on the different connectivity options available, helping organizations choose the right solutions for their communication needs.

– We take care of information security by assessing the security level of systems and taking appropriate protective measures. We also check the compliance of data processing with the GDPR.

We are committed to offering high-quality, customized solutions to support organizations in managing and optimizing their IT resources, ensuring efficiency, security, and reliability. We are here to help you meet your IT needs and achieve your business goals.