T.T. Broker s.r.l.


TT Broker s.r.l. is an insurance brokerage company founded in 2007. It belongs to a group whose parent is TT Holding Spa

Since its founding (2007) TT Broker has grown in the field of motor insurance and ancillary risks.

Thanks to its geographical roots and the historical presence of the TT Group Holding in the areas of competence, TT Broker is characterized by the personal approach and built on customer needs different from the models that are leading to a standardizationof customer service.

Due to its characteristic of “Insurance broker” TT Broker is able to work with many insurance companies have no constraints with any of them having as only goal, the service “tailor made” for his client.

WEB FACTORY developed the graphical interface based on the guidelines dictated by the company’s branding. Code development XHMTL / CSS. All contents are manageable by the client independently. Website has tailored areas with restricted access to dealers of the group for access to internal documents and material.