The Italian National Association of Lighting Manufacturers, brings together the most important and representative companies on the Italian market.

Primary objectives of the Association are the protection and representation of Member Companies. These objectives are pursued through technical support activities aimed at continually improving quality and performance of the products placed on the market, in compliance with the visual comfort of individuals, the requirements for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The web project: creation and development of the graphical code XHMTL / CSS, the website contains everything about the activities of the association, informative articles, technical documentation, legislation, directives and regulations, guides and reports, business sevices, a detailed list of member companies. All content is available on three levels of permissions, public, and two types of registered members. All content, are manageable by ASSIL staff through a control panel with restricted access, including a file manager.
A powerful search engine has been integrated to the site, in order to enhance the availability of the large number of PDF and Word documents available.