EEPCA: the European Electrical Products Certification Association

EEPCA is the European Electrical Products Certification Association in the field of electrical devices.
EEPCA holds the permanent secretariat for all major European Certification Schemes for low voltage electrotechnical equipment, facilitates the certification and associated activities of its members by putting at their disposal common administrative and secretarial services.
It secures openness and transparency in the European certification schemes which they operate, and maintain an ethical code in their certification activities and protects the interests of participating European certification schemes, keeping into account the interests of manufacturers, users and consumers.

EEPCA promotes third party certification based on European standards and secures the necessary feedback from certification to standardisation.

EEPCA website consists of seven sub sites, being EEPCA the main one and additional six “certification scheme” sites: ENEC, ENEC PLUS, HAR, KEYMARK, CCA-EMC, CCA,


The contents are organized into four broad areas:

  • Public information pages with general information on the activities of the association
  • A database of licenses issued by EEPCA members
  • A document library with access management based on groups
  • The database of European standards

Information can be accessed previous authentication in a four level scheme tailored to EEPCA.